What is the masonry?

      The Freemasonry is a discrete society where decent free men calling each other brother, exalt Liberty, Fraternity and Equality among people. Their principles are Tolerance, Philanthropy and Justice. Its secret character was due to persecution, intolerance and lack of freedom of some regimes of the past. Today with democratic winds blowing, masons prefer to be kept in a discrete position spreading themselves all over the world.
      To be part of this society its members are accepted by express invitation and in a cerimony called initiation they become members of this universal fraternity.
        This procedure has been repeated along the centuries without alteration and has a beautiful meaning, making the beginner deeply meditate on the philosofical principles that have always unrested humanity.
      The neophyte entries the Order with the Novice degree. As he acquires knowledge and instruction he rises to the degree of fellowmember and after a period of studies reaches the highest degree of the simbolism which is Mason Master.
      Freemasons gether in a place called lodge where their rituals are practiced. Those are directed by an experienced Mason Master known as Venerable Master.
        Their cerimonies are always performed in honor of and praising God, whom they call The Great Architect of the Universe (G\ A\D\U\). Their instructions are transmitted through simbols, giving profound knowledge according to the intelectual level of each individual.
      The simbols are taken from the first masonic organization, from ancient cathedral building masters. Maçon in French means stoneworker. Due to this fact we find rules, dividers, squares, plumbs, chisels and other artifacts used in the Real Art, that is, instruments used by Cathedral and Castle Master builders which are employed to transmit instrucions.
      Due to its versatile knowledge, the Freemasonry searches in varied sorces its truth and experiences, showing universal character in its doctrine.
        The Freemasonry is not a religion for the fundamental objective of any religious society is the Divinity worship.
      Each Lodge is independent from the others in the jurisdiction but are connected to a Grand Lodge or Grand Orient and these are sovereign. Each Grand Lodge or Grand Orient is called "Potency". This is a purely administrative division, for the rules, regulations and maximum laws called "Landmarks" are common to all freemasons.
      One of the basic Landmarks is that any man to be accepted must believe in a creator principle, whatever his religion. Its members profess most varied religions. The Bible is used as the book of the law in Brazil because most of its population is christian. In any other nation the chosen book to have the place of honor in the temple may be the Koran, the Talmud, the Book of Mohammed or the Veda, all according to their religion.
      In the introduction of the first Constitution published by the Grand Lodge the principles upon which the Order is based is clearly stablished:
      "The Freemasonry proclaims as it has always proclaimed since its beginning, the existence of a Creator Principle under the denomination of Great Architect of the Universe;
      The Freemasonry does not impose any limit to free investigation of the truth and in order to guarantee this freedom it demands tolerance from everyone;
      "Freemasonry therefore, is accessible to all men of all races and of all political and religious creeds.
      "Freemasonry forbids in its workshops all political and religious discussions and welcomes everyone, as simple as he may be, but with decent behavior;
      "Freemasonry has the scope to fight ignorance in all its aspects;
      "It is a mutual school that has the following program: to obey the laws of the Country; to live according with the rules of honor, practice justice, love your neighbor, continually work for the happiness of humankind and to achieve its progressive and peaceful emancipation.
      Famous masons founded several organizations that serve humanity, for example: Boy Scouts by Robert Baden Powell, Rotary Club by Paul Harris (Freemason?), Lions Club by Melvin Jones, the youth organization DeMolays by Frank Sherman Land.
      The independence of Brazil from Portugal was requested to Prince Don Pedro, future Don Pedro I and officialy decided in a masonis session on 20th August 1822. This date is dedicated to the Brazilian Mason.
        Field Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca, initiated in the Lodge "Rocha Negra" in São Gabriel, State of Rio Grande do Sul, proclaimed the Republic in Brazil on 15th November 1889.
      Our Lodge Fraternity counted in its ranks with General Manoel Luiz Osório, Marquis of Herval.